Sunday, March 1, 2009

Same same, but different. Many Western products are available in Laos, but often their packaging is changed to make them more accessible to local palates.

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  1. I am glad you have learned about "same same". In Viet Name one night I rode with the American and Vietnamese MP's to witness the "nightlife" in Nha Trang. (I should mention that I always kept my head close-shaved. At one stop there were some "working girls" outside one of the bars and the MP's stopped to converse with them. The Vietnamese MP had identified me in the back seat of the jeep. The "ladies" asked if they might rub the top of my head and I ( willing to risk the possibility of "losing my Spirit" [note a previous entry] and I said "OK" and stuck my head out of the Jeep. They each rubbed the top of my shiny head and said, "Oooh, same same Buddha!"