Sunday, January 18, 2009

There goes a pile now!

Dirty is a bad descriptive in Bangkok: mostly because it can be used to describe most everything. Trash is everywhere – in small neatly tied bags along the street, and in looming piles lining dark alleyways. The only garbage cans I've seen are in front of 7-11s (yes, there are plenty of them here), but they were overflowing with what looked like a weeks worth of refuse. There is so much garbage I find myself taking pictures of it, as if it were an ancient relic or a sight not to be found at home. Of course, whenever I snap a photo of a dirty alley, I turn back to the street and find some local staring at me – and with good reason: if I were back home and saw a foreigner taking pictures of an overflowing dumpster, I'd think it was a little strange, too.

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