Friday, January 23, 2009

Water-soaked rice fields at the foot of the haze-obscured doi Suthep mountains west of Chiang Mai.


  1. Verryyy interethting...
    Kind of makes one think twice (or more) about street-side barbeque. Your casual pictures give a real sense of being-there. Please continue your reporting series. I am folowing every day.

  2. Ahoy, Scooter Guy,
    Some maaahvelous roadside barbeque. Once I ate in a restaurant (here in USA) that had an unusual menu; interspersed with the usual fare were exotic wild game items (like African lion steak...and a waiting time of three weeks to serve), AND also listed were several items of fresh road-kill. Perhaps what you consumed...
    But seriously, folks, good reporting and good pics; keep up the verbal and visual walkabout. Looking for each day's adventure.